• Fees Rules


  • Annual charges, development charges, student kit charges will be paid along with the first quarter fee.
  • No bill will be raised by the school. No receipt of intimation/reminder is not an excuse for delay/ default payments & line.
  • If fee Booklet is lost Rs. 100/- will be charged for new fee booklet.
  • Last date for Tution fee submission will be 15th of the first month of every quarter and a late fine of 2.5 % per week will be charged after due date.
  • All parents who have submitted their PDC’s are requested to intimate the department at least one week in advance from the date of PDC’s for any changes in cheques.



  • Out station cheques are not accepted parents should send A/C Payee Cheque in favour of “MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL, Dehradun” along with the fee slip duly filled.
  • Parent should write NAME in BLOCK LETTER, ADMISSION NO, CLASS & SECTION of the child and telephone no. of parent on fee slip and on the reverse of the cheque also and recheck before depositing it.
  • In case fee cheques are bounced for any reason, Parents will pay cheque dishonour charges of Rs. 500/- along with fine @2.5% per week up to the deposit day by DD only.


  • Absenteeism of the child will not be considered as his/her withdrawal. At least one month notice in writing is mandatory for withdrawal formalities.
  • ln case of withdrawal the candidates have to pay the full quarter fee by DD only (in the quarter the child is withdrawing).
  • Fees once paid will not be refund.
  • ln case of immediate withdrawal (Short – Notice) parents should provide the bank statement or clearance of last two quarters Fees.