Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) is a “purposive productive work and services related to the needs of the child and the community, which will be prove meaningful to the learner. Such work must not be performed mechanically but must include planning, analysis and detailed preparation, at every stage so that it is educational in true spirit.

Considering the same MLZS Dehradun organized an over-night school camping for Class XII students in the school on 06 May 2023 School organized activities such as –

  • Tent pitching and packing session
  • Adventure activity such as Rappelling and Jumaring (with all the safety gears intact )
  • Zumba session (Next day morning)
  • (Professionals were called for these sessions)

Many recreational and team building games were played, a small dance session was also held for students.

Students were served evening snack, dinner and breakfast.

The students were thrilled and thankful to the school and the staff for organizing such a life changing and transformative experience for them.